There was trouble at the meal table!

Jesus is always committed to us.

You know what that's like, when your brother or sister is being mean to you, or saying some nasty comments under their breath, it makes you feel a bit queasy in the stomach, makes you feel bad, and doesn’t do much for the atmosphere. People are not sure what to do. Even parents sometimes don't know how to stop it.

The trouble was that this was a very special meal that happened only once a year. Jesus was really looking forward to it because he said, "I wanted very much to eat this Passover meal with you before I die." On another occasion Jesus said, "my food is to do what the One who sent me wants me to do." He knew what was going to happen. He knew what the plan was.

Judas had just made a bad deal with the Jewish leaders to hand Jesus over to them, and he was probably feeling terrible about it. And you know what made it even worse? Jesus knew about it! While they were around the table, he said, "one of you will turn against me." It’s hard to keep a secret from Jesus, he always seems to know what's going on.

The strange thing was, even though he knew that Judas was going to turn against him, Jesus still called him a friend. In Matthew 26:50 when Judas arrived with the mob to arrest him, Jesus says, "Friend do the thing you came to do." It's hard to understand love that deep and friendship that strong. It goes way beyond our idea of friendship.

Jesus is always committed to us.

Communion - A Prayer from Scripture

Perhaps using the below Scripture, which has been adapted for use as part of a prayer of contemplation.

Acts 8:32-33

(Paraphrased & adapted)

Lord Jesus, You were like a sheep being led to be killed.

You were quiet, as a sheep is quiet while Its wool is being cut.

You said nothing. You were shamed and were treated unfairly.

But we thank you Lord that you have always been our friend.